Saturday, June 10, 2006


Why an on-line memorial?
Books of remembrance, at your local cemetery or crematorium have their place and serve a purpose. However, the page is displayed just once a year, on the anniversary of your loved ones death and then it is just one line amongst several hundred entries. We feel your loved one deserves more than this - don't you? We realize there are many other important days in the year that you particularly remember those that have departed - Christmas, birthdays and wedding anniversaries are just some examples. We also know that there aren't many days that pass when our thoughts are with those that we loved and are no longer with us. Our grief, memories and heartfelt love are not an annual event, we feel these emotions each and every day. In this respect 'books of remembrance' serve little to no useful purpose at all.

Books of remembrance are also limited in the very fact that they are kept locally. What use is that to family members that live away from their home towns or city, and perhaps even, now live many thousands of miles away? Wouldn't it be nice for them to be able to come to some focal point as and when they feel the need to? Worse still, what if you move away from where you currently reside? If you have recently lost someone, your memories are still crisp and clear. But, sadly, however much we don't want them to, memories fade with time, details get blurred and faces are harder to remember.

Memorials are a form of permanent memory. A memorial to a lost loved one or friend can refresh and refocus blurred memories, emotions and experiences. An online memorial refreshes the heart and may re-awaken feelings in you in ways old memories cannot. An online memorial can also be a link across the generations. Once the online memorial is established it is available for all to see and share. Memorials are also an established form of recognising people and events and may help as part of the 'healing' process.

Just the act of creating the memorial brings your memories alive. For the short time that you are planning the memorial, you are close again to your loved one. Your focus changes to the good times you enjoyed together. In a way, you have a chance to say, what some of us never get to say....good-bye.

The Internet allows you to create a loving and personal online memorial at a very low cost. And remember, an online memorial is always as close, to you, as your computer.

Why us?
We appreciate and accept that the idea of an online memorial page is not for everyone. However, we believe it is a valuable and appreciated service for those that do consider the idea worthwhile. We sincerely believe your loved ones deserve the very best and we ensure the very best is totally affordable to all and not the affluent few. We offer one of the highest quality memorial pages on the internet at one of the lowest costs around.
Unlike books of remembrance, your memorial page is individual and can be viewed at anytime, from anywhere. Your memorial page is personalised according to your requirements and may incorporate music, photographs, personal messages, verse and links to favourite charities and/or family websites.

We are sincere and genuine in this endeavour and we strive to offer more than a personalised memorial page service. We offer a mutual support network through our chat room, message board and email condolence facilities. We know sometimes family and friends don't quite understand what you're going through or offer the patience or support you seek. We further understand that you may feel unable to 'burden' those around you with your feelings, thoughts and fears. We hope that our newly launched chat-room and message board will become a meeting place for those in need and for those that are willing to share their feelings and experiences and offer their support.

We are fully and totally committed to this service - so much so that web-hosting and domain names have already been secured for the next ten years.

Please feel to explore this site and use our facilities, it is not restricted to just those residing in the UK. If there is anything you think we can add to improve our service, we want to know. Also, if there is anything you wish to offer; poems, articles, related links or services etc .

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